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Whilst on the face of it some sites appear straight forward when you scratch beneath the surface the picture is not always as clear. The project in Bristol falls into this category with a number of issues and constraints that needed to be addressed including, listed structures (above and below ground), complex highway considerations, with proposals for a light rail system to dissect the site, along with design, massing and height issues. In addition the local authority was keen to see the site developed with conjunction with neighbouring land to create a ‘comprehensive solution’ necessitating site assembly.

It was clear from the outset that the many conflicting issues would be difficult to resolve so in conjunction with the local authority a design parameters document was agreed at the outset to act as framework against which a design could be developed and the constraints addressed.  The development planning phase is currently ongoing.

Previously a Grade II Listed Building, this site in Newport was redeveloped into a three-storey retail building pre-let to prestigious high street store River Island.  Given the steeply sloping site the rear extension required substantial excavations to create a retaining structure whilst the front elevation required the retention of existing façade of the former pub.

Burton — Centrum 100
With sustainability being a key driver of planning policy at both national and local levels the impact of new development on the existing highway network is critical. With development having taken place over many years the final sites being brought forward on the development would only be acceptable with a major upgrade to the highway network. On behalf of clients we managed the design negotiations in respect of both the ‘on and off’ site impacts of the remaining sites with the Local Authority, the County Authority, British Waterways Board and the Highways Agency as part of a comprehensive planning solution.


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